John Tinsley
PhD Student
National Centre for Language Technology

Dia Díoibh

"Researchers and scientists are working away in laboratories. They are responsible individuals, not at all unbalanced, as many believe."
- A quote from a session of the European Parliament in Nov. 2001

Me and the Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Beathaisnéis gearr

Is mise John Tinsley. Táim ag obair mar dochtúir mac léinn sa NCLT i DCU. Táim ag déanamh taighde ar aistriúchán uathoibríoch le mo feitheoir an tOllamh Andy Way. Tá bunchéim i Ríomhteangeolaíocht agam ó Ollscoil Chathair Baile Atha Cliath.


An nuacht is déanaí

  • Mar 5 - I presented our paper Parallel Treebanks in Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation at CICLing-09 in Mexico City. Slides here
  • Mar 1-7 - Attending CICLing-09 at the IPN in Mexico City
  • Feab 23 - I gave an extended version of my CICLing talk at the NCLT Seminar Series in DCU. Slides here
  • Ean 13 - I gave a talk entitled "Parallel Treebanks in MT" at the MT Lunch Seminar in CMU. Slides here
  • Ean 12 - I am in the LTI in CMU until Feab 5th working with Alon Lavie's group
  • Nol 15 - Paper accepted to CICLing! See publications
  • Nol 3 - I came 2nd in our Christmas Karting Grand Prix. Ventsi won, boo to him.
  • Deir Fo 20 - Presented our poster at IWSLT with Yanjun Ma
  • Deir Fo 18-31 - Attending IWSLT/AMTA/EMNLP in Honolulu, Hawai'i
  • Mean Fo 29 - Along with Declan Groves of Traslán, I launched a new redesigned webpage for the EAMT, found here
  • Lun 20 - Paper accepted to IWSLT! See publications
  • Abr 21 - I successfully negotiated my PhD transfer process
  • Abr 14 - Paper accepted to WMT! See publications
  • Abr 3 - Submitted paper entitled MaTrEx: the DCU Machine Translation System for WMT-08 to WMT-08
  • Mar 28 - Paper accepted to TALN! See publications
  • Mar 6 - I am the new webmaster and MT-list admin for the European Association for Machine Translations (EAMT)
  • Feab 20 - I am tutoring lab sessions for CA106 - Web Design Course notes can here found here
  • Feab 18 - Submitted paper entitled Comparing Constituency and Dependency Representations for SMT Phrase-Extraction to TALN with Mary and Sylwia
  • Ean 22 - The DCU main page features an article here regarding the Microsoft Postgraduate Research Scholarships, one of which I received. A higher res copy of the photo can be seen here
  • Nol 7 - I presented our paper Exploiting Parallel Treebanks to Improve Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation at TLT'07 in Bergen, Norway. Slides here
  • Nol 6 - I was awarded a Microsoft Postgraduate Research Scholarship, worth €1610, for work entitled "Exploiting Parallel Treebanks to Improve Data-Driven Machine Translation"
  • Deir Fo 11 - I'll be co-chairing the NCLT Seminar Series this year with Ventsi. See here for more details.
  • Deir Fo 8 - Paper accepted to TLT! See publications
  • Mean Fo 12 - Presented our paper Robust Language Pair-Independent Subtree Alignment at MT Summit XI in Copenhagen, Denmark. Slides here
  • Mean Fo 5 to 16 - Attended TMI and MT Summit in Skovde and Copenhagen respectively. Photos here
  • Lun 31 - Submitted paper entitled Exploiting Parallel Treebanks to Improve Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation to TLT with Mary and Andy
  • Meith 30 - Paper accepted to TMI! See publications
  • Beal 31 - Paper accepted to MT Summit! See publications
  • Beal 23 - :-(
  • Beal 14 - Submitted paper entitled Capturing Translational Divergences with a Statistical Tree-to-Tree aligner to TMI with Ventsi, Mary, and Andy
  • Beal 9 - Presentation at NCLT Seminar Series entitled Robust Language Pair-Independent Sub-Tree Alignment with Ventsi. Slides here
  • Beal 1 - Witnessed that nerve wracking semi-final in person
  • Abr 16 to 20 - Attending First MT Marathon @ University of Edinburgh
  • Abr 15 - Submitted paper entitled Robust Language Pair-Independent Sub-Tree alignment to MT Summit with Ventsi, Mary, and Andy
  • Feab 21 - Went to see Liverpool beat Barcelona 2-1 :D
  • Feab 05 - I am tutoring lab sessions for CA146 - Introduction to Programming (C++). Course notes can here found here