John Tinsley, B.Sc., Ph.D.
PLuTO Project Co-ordinator
Centre for Next Generation Localisation
Dublin City University


"Researchers and scientists are working away in laboratories. They are responsible individuals, not at all unbalanced, as many believe."
- A quote from a session of the European Parliament in Nov. 2001

Me and the Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Short Bio

My name is John Tinsley. I'm currently working as project co-ordinator for the PLuTO (Patent Lanugage Translations Online) project at the Centre for Next Generation Localisation in DCU. I was previously a Ph.D. student at the National Centre for Language Technology where I completed my thesis, entitled "Resourcing Machine Translation with Parallel Treebanks", in 2009 under the supervision of Prof. Andy Way. Following this, I spent some time as a postdoc working on commercialisation activities in DCU. My research was in the area of Machine Translation (MT), more specifically syntax-motivated SMT, phrase-based MT, tree alignment, parallel treebanking, patent translation and the incorporation of MT into localisation workflows amongst other things. My thesis topic focused on the feasibility of using syntactically motivated data - phrase pairs, grammar rules etc. - within various frameworks of MT and under what conditions usability is optimal. Prior to this, I received my BSc. in Applied Computational Linguistics from DCU in 2006.


Latest news

  • Nov 9 - Attended CNGL's Localisation Innovation Showcase at Microsoft Ireland and presented a PLuTO poster.
  • Nov 3 - I presented our paper PLuTO: MT for Online Patent Translation during a session of the commercial user track at AMTA in Denver, Colorado. Read the news item here and the slides here
  • Oct 26 - I'm reviewing articles for the Machine Translation Journal Special Issue on Free/Open-Source MT
  • Oct 19 - An English--Portuguese MT system I developed for the European Patent Office as part of PLuTO is now live online! Read more about it here and use the system here!
  • Oct 16 - Submitted a paper to the Machine Translation Journal Special Issue on Free/Open-Source MT
  • Sep 23 - I received the Localisation Research Centre's (LRC) Best Thesis Award 2010 for my PhD dissertation (downloadable here). See the news item on the CNGL page and the LRC's website for more info.
  • Aug 16-18 - Attended IceTAL 2010 in Reykjavik, Iceland and presented our paper entitled OpenMaTrEx: A Free/Open-Source Marker-Driven Example-Based Machine Translation System. Slides here.
  • Aug 10 - I'm on the programme committe for the Workshop on Annotation and Exploitation of Parallel Corpora (AEPC) which takes place in Tartu, Estonia this December.
  • July 15 - Pluto accepted for commercial user presentation at AMTA 2010 in Denver this November.
  • May 26-27 - Attended EAMT 2010 in Saint-Raphael, France, where I gave an oral and poster presentation on the PLuTO project.
  • May 26 - Paper accepted to IceTAL! See publications
  • Apr 20 - I am part of the development team that just releases the free/open-source OpenMaTrEx MT system. See here for more information.
  • Apr 19 - Submitted a paper to IceTAL
  • Mar 27 - I graduated with my doctorate and am officially no longer a student for the first time in 22 years!
  • Jan 5 - Began working as a postdoctoral research in the Centre for Next Generation Localisation at DCU
  • Dec 10 - Successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis in DCU. Many thanks to my examiners Prof. Jan Hajic and Prof. Josef van Genabith, and also to my supervisor Prof. Andy Way.
  • Nov 14 - Currently working on a short-term MT project at the CNGL
  • Nov 9 - Submitted my thesis entitled "Resourcing Machine Translation with Parallel Treebanks" for examination on December 10
  • Oct 15 - Paper accepted to the 3rd workshop on EBMT! See publications
  • Oct 9 - I am on the programme committee for the MT Journal Special Issue on Pushing the frontier of Statistical Machine Translation
  • Aug 26-30 - Attended MT Summit in Ottawa, Canada
  • July 28 - Thesis writing is super-fun (!)
  • June 22 - Article accepted for Machine Translation journal! See publications
  • May 14-15 - Attended EAMT conference at the UPC in Barcelona.
  • Apr 30 - Submitted a paper to MT Summit
  • Mar 5 - I presented our paper Parallel Treebanks in Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation at CICLing-09 in Mexico City. Slides here
  • Mar 1-7 - Attending CICLing-09 at the IPN in Mexico City
  • Feb 23 - I gave an extended version of my CICLing talk at the NCLT Seminar Series in DCU. Slides here
  • Jan 13 - I gave a talk entitled "Parallel Treebanks in MT" at the MT Lunch Seminar in CMU. Slides here
  • Jan 12 - I am in the LTI in CMU until Feb 5th working with Alon Lavie's group
  • Dec 15 - Paper accepted to CICLing! See publications
  • Dec 3 - I came 2nd in our Christmas Karting Grand Prix. Ventsi won, boo to him.
  • Oct 20 - Presented our poster at IWSLT with Yanjun Ma
  • Oct 18-31 - Attending IWSLT/AMTA/EMNLP in Honolulu, Hawai'i
  • Sep 29 - Along with Declan Groves of Trasl├ín, I launched a new redesigned webpage for the EAMT, found here
  • Aug 20 - Paper accepted to IWSLT! See publications
  • Apr 21 - I successfully negotiated my PhD transfer process
  • Apr 14 - Paper accepted to WMT! See publications
  • Apr 3 - Submitted paper entitled MaTrEx: the DCU Machine Translation System for WMT-08 to WMT-08
  • March 28 - Paper accepted to TALN! See publications
  • March 6 - I am the new webmaster and MT-list admin for the European Association for Machine Translations (EAMT)
  • February 20 - I am tutoring lab sessions for CA106 - Web Design Course notes can here found here
  • February 18 - Submitted paper entitled Comparing Constituency and Dependency Representations for SMT Phrase-Extraction to TALN with Mary and Sylwia
  • January 22 - The DCU main page features an article here regarding the Microsoft Postgraduate Research Scholarships, one of which I received. A higher res copy of the photo can be seen here
  • December 7 - I presented our paper Exploiting Parallel Treebanks to Improve Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation at TLT'07 in Bergen, Norway. Slides here
  • December 6 - I was awarded a Microsoft Postgraduate Research Scholarship, worth €1610, for work entitled "Exploiting Parallel Treebanks to Improve Data-Driven Machine Translation"
  • October 11 - I'll be co-chairing the NCLT Seminar Series this year with Ventsi. See here for more details.
  • October 8 - Paper accepted to TLT! See publications
  • September 12 - Presented our paper Robust Language Pair-Independent Subtree Alignment at MT Summit XI in Copenhagen, Denmark. Slides here
  • September 5 to 16 - Attended TMI and MT Summit in Skovde and Copenhagen respectively. Photos here
  • August 31 - Submitted paper entitled Exploiting Parallel Treebanks to Improve Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation to TLT with Mary and Andy
  • June 30 - Paper accepted to TMI! See publications
  • May 31 - Paper accepted to MT Summit! See publications
  • May 23 - :-(
  • May 14 - Submitted paper entitled Capturing Translational Divergences with a Statistical Tree-to-Tree aligner to TMI with Ventsi, Mary, and Andy
  • May 9 - Presentation at NCLT Seminar Series entitled Robust Language Pair-Independent Sub-Tree Alignment with Ventsi. Slides here
  • May 1 - Witnessed that nerve wracking semi-final in person
  • April 16 to 20 - Attending First MT Marathon @ University of Edinburgh
  • April 15 - Submitted paper entitled Robust Language Pair-Independent Sub-Tree alignment to MT Summit with Ventsi, Mary, and Andy
  • Mar 25 - I am on the programme committee for the Student Research Workshop at AMTA 2008 in Hawai'i
  • Feb 21 - Went to see Liverpool beat Barcelona 2-1 :D
  • Feb 05 - I am tutoring lab sessions for CA146 - Introduction to Programming (C++). Course notes can here found here