National Centre for Language Technology

National Centre for Language Technology

Dublin City University
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Research Areas

CALL Computer Assisted Language Learning
    Integrating CL/NLP/HLT Technology into CALL, CALL for Endangered Languages, CALL for Primary School Environments, CALL for Remedial Learners
Corpus Linguistics
    Collocation, Contrastive Computational Linguistics, Corpus-based Translation Studies
Machine Translation and Translation Technology
    Statistical and Rule-Based MT (SMT, RBMT), Example-Based MT (EBMT), Translation Memories (TMs), Boosting Existing MT Systems, Machine-Aided Translation (MAT), Computer-Aided Translation (CAT), Controlled Languages
Treebank-Based Unification Grammar Acquisition
    Automatic Feature-Structure Annotation Algorithms, Subcategorisation Frame Extraction, Wide-Coverage Robust Probabilistic Unification Grammar Acquisition, PCFG-Based LFG Approximation, HPSG Acquisition, Multilingual Treebank-Based Grammar Acquisition
    Discourse Representation Theory, Linear-Logic Based Semantics, Computation of Logical Forms from Treebanks, Open-Domain Question Answering Systems
Speech Technology
    Speaker Characterisation, Audio Classification, Retrieval and Coding, Human Computer Interfaces (HCIs)
Multilingual Information Retrieval/Extraction
Language Evolution

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