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Title:EuroMatrix+: Bringing Machine Translation for European Languages to the User
Duration:March 3rd 2009 -- February 29th 2012
Funded by:Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)
People:Josef van Genabith, Andy Way
Description: Europe provides a challenge due to its vast diversity of languages, and machine translation technology will provide means to address this challenge. EuroMatrix+ will lift the research strategy and infrastructure for statistical and hybrid machine translation developed within EuroMatrix to a higher level by adding new scientific components, by experimenting with novel community-based methods for testing and data collection and by building and utilizing stronger connections into the user world. At the same time EuroMatrix+ will preserve the established brand name for the well accepted infrastructure, continue the most promising research strands, and extend the growing open source research community that has formed around the EuroMatrix project.
Last update: May 7 2008
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