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In September 2006 we received a grant from the DCU OVPR, under their International Visitors Program, to have Prof. Hermann Ney from RWTH Aachen to visit us. Professor Ney visied us for the first time in June 2007 in the School of Computing. Highlights of his stay included talks from Prof. Ney on statistical models for speech recognition and translation, and talks from students and researchers within our MT group on their work. Details of the work presented, along with accompanying slides can be found below.
Prof. Hermann Ney speaking about statistical models at DCU

Presentations during the visit of Prof. Hermann Ney - June 2007



Prof. Hermann Ney Text and Speech Translation at RWTH Aachen
Prof. Andy Way An Overview of MT research at DCU
Dr. Nicolas Stroppa 'MaTrEx': The DCU MT system
Karolina Owczarzak New Methods of MT Evaluation
Sara Morrissey Sign Language MT
Yanjun Ma New Methods of Word and Phrase Alignment
Dr. Mary Hearne Phrasal Alignment and Tree-to-Tree Translation
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